Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick Swatches...Be Still My Beating Heart

Yesterday whilst looking through Myer i remembered that Chanel had a new lipstick collection for release. I then went to the Chanel counter and found them. I cannot begin to explain what i felt when i was swatching these lipsticks. It was like after 30 years of searching for the perfect lip product...I found it! I actually think i'd like every shade in this collection.

What i love

  • It's like a lip balm, lipgloss and lipstick all in one!
  • It is incredibly moisturising
  • The lipstick feels very comfortable to wear-it's not sticky
  • Very shiny- the photos in this post really do not give an accurate reflection of the shine
  • The lipstick is buildable, can either be applied lightly for sheer coverage or layered for a deeper color
  • The packaging is typical Chanel- luxurious and elegant

What i don't love

  • It is not long wearing- due to it's intense hydrating properties. But this is ok....Just reapply, you will want to!
  • It does have a faint rose scent which many lipsticks do have





Swatched on the hand

The swatches on the lips look a little "blurry"- the camera was in focus, it may just be that these lipsticks don't photograph well.

Please go and have a look at these lipsticks at a counter near you. You will not appreciate how beautiful they are just from blog posts and swatches.

Australian residents can purchase these lipsticks from Myer or David Jones for $50AU. I can't find that these are available on the Nordstrom site (US) or Debenhams site (UK) as yet.



    Everyone's hyping Chanel Lips at the mo mo!!!

    As soon as my face isn't all dry from blowing my nose and I can breath without having my mouth hanging open I will purchase, purchase, purchase.


  2. I like my lips but don't want to draw attention to my mouth cuz of my damn teeth. If only straightening them didn't cost so much.

  3. I have Boy but I haven't had a chance to use it yet, BAH.
    will do now - you've inspired me!!!

  4. I swatched Boy yesterday too, and immediately fell in love! It's sheerer than I expected, but oh so pretty

  5. Hard choice but I think I like Boy a little bit more than Evasion! Love creamy lipsticks.

  6. thanks for your comments girls.
    i think each and every shade is SO wearable, no matter what skin tone you have.
    I couldn't believe how nice they felt when swatching.
    I am going to wear Boy to work tomorrow.
    Go and get one!! All of you!!

  7. I got Boy today and I love it! Evasion looks pretty on you, now I'm tempted to get it now too lol

  8. You got Boy! I want my Boy! Hahaha...
    I swear I want that entire stand... have you seen the Dior Addict new lipstick collection too? Oh gosh, goodness gracious me... I drool hahaha
    Dior ones cost AU$49 and Chanel AU$50 ;p so competitive, right!!

  9. Those look so gorgeous, I love lipstick that actually moisturises!

  10. Love the formula, and definitely wearable shades :)

  11. Maybe it's just me but Evasion and Boy looks almost the same? Thanks for the swatches - I can't wait to see the entire line launch.

  12. Boy and evasion do seem very similar. When i bought them they appeared different in store under the lights but when i brought them home they looked the same! i don't mind. i love them


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