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Atlantis Hair & Original Mineral Salon Experience

A couple of weeks back I was invited to attend Atlantis Hair in Paddington Sydney for a color service and cut. I was truly excited for this opportunity as I know that Atlantis Hair and Original Mineral are favorites amongst bloggers. Atlantis Hair opened in 2001 and since then their salon has built a large clientele and founded the popular brand Original Mineral (O & M). 

The O & M brand aims to bridge the gap between luxury and natural hair care products. I think this is what makes the O & M brand unique. Most salon brands still use irritants like sodium laureth sulphate and parabens in their products. O & M are free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, MIT, triclosan and sodium chloride. Even in 2012 when consumers are more aware of ingredients that are detrimental to skin/hair health, there are not a great deal of luxury brands that offer products that are free from these nasties. The range of at home O & M products is vast - giving consumers with all hair types various options. I will be reviewing some of these products in the coming weeks. 

O & M Clean Color Technology 

  • In addition to their home products O & M also have created color products to be used within the salon. Clean Color Technology is a system that delivers professional results without the need for ammonia. 
  • O & M were one of the first brands to remove ammonia from their color. The team behind O & M have removed other ingredients from salon color and added Australian natural actives. 
  • The O & M permanent color range boasts 99 shades.
  • Minerals such as Illite, Kaolin and Montmorillonite allow the color to permeate the hair, lock in color to prevent fading and boost the health of the scalp to ensure best condition throughout the coloring process. 
  • Also available from O & M are lightening options which are gentle on hair and also demi- permanent color, available in 28 shades. 

There is much more to the O & M brand to write about but now I will tell you about my salon experience at Atlantis Hair. I felt it was important to tell you about the Original Mineral brand as I feel that their philosophy and product range is very unique. O & M is now available in over 300 salons Australia wide and is now expanding internationally.

Atlantis Hair

Confession: Prior to visiting Atlantis Hair I hadn't had my hair colored for around 2 years. After being very dark and going through the process to become blonde again, my hair became highly damaged and fragile. So I made the decision to give my hair a holiday from intense coloring. I explained this to Wayne Lewis who would be coloring my hair. Wayne is the color director for O & M and co-founder of Atlantis Hair. 

Wayne Lewis

Wayne went through a range of questions with me about my specific hair needs. I explained that I am best with a low maintenance color as I'd prefer minimal obvious regrowth. Wayne decided the best option would be some blonde foils underneath the top of my hair otherwise known as a "halo" look. He explained that I wouldn't need to be back at the salon in 6 weeks time to have my color done again, the regrowth wouldn't be too noticeable. 

In progress....

*I must make a special mention of the junior stylist that rinsed the color from my hair. He explained each and every product being used and gave me a beautiful scalp massage.

Alan Buki

Alan Buki would be cutting my hair and is the owner and co-founder of Atlantis Hair and a cutting specialist. I pretty much wanted a small amount off the length and Alan explained that my hair was lacking shape at the front, meaning it appeared limp with little volume. 

Cameron from Atlantis blow dried my hair and finished the styling. I was telling him how I can never achieve the same volume when drying my hair myself. He suggested using some rollers - something I have never tried! I'll be trying this next time I have an excuse to have bouncy hair! 

And here is the result! I took these photos about 4 hours after my Atlantis Hair visit as I went shopping afterwards. 

Overall I was very impressed with the whole salon experience at Atlantis hair. I was looked after by the staff very well, treated to a cappuccino, offered an iPad & magazines and walked out with beautiful hair. I am quite chuffed that the color director of O & M and co-founder of the brand did my hair- very grateful. 

I should add that I am not the only one that loves Atlantis Hair and Original Mineral. Celebrities Ashlee Simpson, Isabella Lucas and Minka Kelly atttending the opening of the Marquee Club recently were styled by Cameron from Atlantis using O & M products.

Contact Atlantis Hair for an appointment. 

Have you been to Atlantis Hair? 

Have you tried Original Mineral products?

*The hair service was complimentary and free from charge


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