Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My week on Instagram

I enjoy reading posts on other blogs with Instagram photos for the week, with a brief run down on the week that was! I sometimes get slack in posting photos to instagram, I am going to try to take more photos so I can use them for the blog. Here is what happened this week!

I will start from Sunday as I went to the Coldplay concert and it was such a fantastic experience. The whole atmosphere was like no other concert I have been to! Every person was given a colored wrist band to create a rainbow of lights. Chris Martin interacted with the crowd so well. My favorite track was Viva La Vida, 65K people were singing together. Nice.

Earlier this week I went to the movies with my husband to see the final Twilight movie. I enjoyed the movie but was sad as it is the last movie from the Twilight saga. The best thing about Hoyts is Ben and Jerry's ice cream! I highly recommend the sweet cookies and cream plus the triple chocolate crunch.

When I was in New York I bought a few pairs of sneakers, I am currently crazy for sneakers BTW. One of my favorites was the pink Nikes which I started wearing this week. Everyone in the US wears sneakers, I am happy to stick with this trend. Comfort is more important to me these days.

I got my first christmas card for the season this week from the lovely Chels in the beauty blogger christmas card exchange!

Last week I met ChelleAnita and Angela for dinner. I also had the pleasure of meeting Anita's mum Jenny who came for dinner with us. I had a yummy pasta (naughty). 

During the week I visited the Tree of Life for the cancer program at St Vincent's hospital. The lights on the tree light up from donations made by the public. Donations will help to fund breast cancer nurses, purchase vital equipment and aid in research. It is a great initiative and we all know people who have suffered with cancer. Here is a link if you wish to donate

I have enjoyed writing this post! I will aim to do another post early next week as I already have some photos to show you. 


  1. What a great idea for a post, I should probably do something similar. Love those sneakers, I want a pair of pink Nikes too!!!

  2. I like posts like this too, I used to do them but stopped for some reason. Keep em coming Tara!


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